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The Canyoning Company is an adventure company based in Dunkeld, Scotland. We are the only ICOpro centre in the UK. We provide Guided Canyoning trips around Scotland, reacreational and professional training courses from beginner to advanced, Canyoning Tours and International Canyoning trips. Generally, we run trips with smaller group sizes. Therefore, you get more time with your instructor, thus creating a more personal and much more enjoyable experience. But, we also offer bespoke packages for private parties, couples and corporate groups.

We issue the best canyoning equipment, that will keep you warm and comfortable on the trip. We give FREE PHOTOS on every experience. So you can keep your memories forever.

Most importantly, highly skilled instructors will teach you how to move safely in the canyon environment. We teach you how to jump, slide and abseil yourself. The instructors make sure you will have the trip of a lifetime! Canyoning is what we do!”

We are passionate about Canyoning and the Outdoors. With this passion we only provide the highest level of customer service and quality. This starts from the first email or phone call, all the way through to coffee on arrival and your canyoning adventure.

We love the canyons we work and play in, that's why we want to protect them. We are committed to minimising any negative impacts of outdoor activities and promote sustainable activity tourism. Find out more about our environmental policy HERE.

The Canyoning Company is run by George and Ben, who both have worked as Canyoning Guides and trainers for many years. They share a passion for meeting new people and sharing their own passion with you.

Canoning guide showing Pharaohs Canyon trip

George Yates

Co-Founder and Director of The Canyoning Company

Since a young age George has been involved in adventure sport spending most of his time outdoors in, on or around the water.

As a qualified kayak Coach, rafting Guide and Canyoning Instructor, George has travelled the world following his passion, developing his skills, gaining new experiences and making new friends.

Out of the many places he has travelled, Scotland has always drawn him back. George is at the forefront of the canyoning scene in the UK.

He is an UK Canyoning Association Senior Trainer, ICOpro Senior Trainer and a V7 Academy mentor.

Ben Case

Co-Founder and Director of The Canyoning Company

Ben is an instructor in a range of outdoor activities, he has worked in the industry for 10 years.

His background is mainly mountain activities, but he can’t stay out of the water, the ideal combination for canyoning. He loves to immerse himself in culture by traveling the world.

In the past few years, Ben has been exploring the new river systems in Scotland and canyoning abroad in Italy, Switzerland, France, Greece, Madeira and Montenegro.

He is an UK Canyoning Association Senior Trainer, ICOpro Instructor 2 and a V7 Academy mentor.


At the end of the day, canyoning exists for one reason and one reason only; it’s insanely fun and you learn something new every time you're out. It’s a great adventure sport. A fantastic way to get out into the countryside and explore the rivers and gorges. It's time to get up and get out. 

At The Canyoning Company we pride ourselves on achieving and maintaining the highest standard of Canyoning certification as we can.

Providing training and resources to a range of private sector and public sector organisations we also provide help with outdoors training, health and safety as well as knowing how to make your adventure a memory to remember.