Bruar canyon is located at the Falls of Bruar in the Atholl estate, Perthshire. It has exquisite waterfalls, rock features and surrounded by beautiful pine forest. The falls have carved they’re way though the sandstone (psammite) landscape creating beautiful rock sculptures.

Bruar is a very special place for canyoning in Scotland. It’s first descent was over 15 years ago and was one of the first commercial canyoning venues which opened in Scotland. This canyon has everything to offer; awesome jumps ranging from 2meters to 10meters, flumes, vertical rock slides and waterfall abseils.

Bruar Canyon is non stop fun, with something for everyone! The canyon has a footpath running up the side, so its great for friends or family to come and watch, take photos and enjoy the canyon from a far.

The Bruar canyoning experience is one you will remember forever, and will leave you hooked on the sport. That’s a promise.

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