Your Canyoning Equipment

What canyoning equipment will I wear”’ is a very common question asked before our customers join us to Discover canyoning for the first time.

When you go canyoning at The Canyoning Company you are in expert hands. Our professional ICOpro instructors will make sure you are relaxed and comfortable right from the start, that is why our equipment is the best we can offer you. Your canyoning equipment will keep you warm, safe, comfortable and looking good for your free photos at the end of the trip. Our equipment is top quality and always in excellent condition. So be relaxed and enjoy your canyoning experience with us.

What equipment will you receive?

Wetsuit – Your two-piece Vade Retro wetsuit is 5mm thick with sizes to fit everyone from kids to large adults. These wetsuits are canyoning specific, with Japanese Yammimoto neoprene, protection on the bum, elbows and knees. The canyoning wetsuits come with a hood and a zip down the front of the jacket. They are great for regulating heat, keeping warm in our ‘fresh’ Scottish canyons, easy to put on and take off and they look good too.

Shoes – Yes canyoning shoes! We provide canyoning specific shoes to everyone. We believe this is very important to have a safe and comfortable trip. The rocks in Scottish canyons can be slippery so good grip and ankle support is a must. We are currently the only canyoning provider in the UK providing shoes.

Harnesses – You will be issued with your own canyoning specific harness. Our harnesses come in a size to fit everyone. On your harness you will have two safety lines (cows-tails) with snap gate Karabiners on the end. You will also receive a canyoning descender, for abseiling down ropes. We will provide you with a Petzl Pirana, don’t worry our ICOpro Instructors will teach you how to use it.

Helmet – A good helmet is very important whilst canyoning, that why we use the best ones for you guys. Light weight and stylish we will provide you with the Mammut El Cap helmet, perfectly suited to canyoning.

Socks – Well you don’t want cold feet right? We make sure every part of you is kept warm, so 3mm neoprene socks are always issued on every canyoning trip.

Gloves – For those of you who get cold hands, we have neoprene gloves available, in a variety of sizes.

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Canyoning is what we do!