Canyoning Perthshire

Pro cannoneer or trying canyoning for the first time? Perthshire gives up the goods for all abilities.

Just a short drive from the popular villages of Dunkeld, Aberfeldy and Pitlochry we have three fun filled canyons to offer.

  • If ropes are your thing we got that covered with our wee hidden gem, Tummel Canyon.
  • The super scenic Acharn, throws a little bit of everything our way.
  • Then we have Bruar, it has it all! Perfect of beginners and experts alike.

Just the names gets us excited here at the Canyoning Company HQ!

Falls of Bruar


Bruar Canyoning

The Tummel, with 14 abseils this is the one for all you rope monkeys out there. Ranging in height from 5 to 30 meters by the end of the tours you’ll be well versed in the skills needed to tackle anything that we can throw at you. Maybe you have been canyoning before and loved the challenge that the rope work offers, the tummel will certainly tick those boxes.

We use a variation of an abseil on a number of waterfalls here called a guided rappel. Attached to a zip line we can find ourselves suspended high above the canyon floor. This adds an extra thrill to our already exciting decent.

As the newest tour we offer you will still be within the first 100 people to have ever descended the canyon, gaining membership to an exclusive club of skilled canyoneers upon completion.


Ah Acharn canyon, this little beauty hold its own amongst the canyons of Perthshire just fine. Like Bruar, here we can find a little bit of everything. Jump, Check. Slide, check. Abseil, you guessed it, check!

In terms of beauty Acharn punches well above its class, even the walk through the ancient forest to the start point is enough to take your breath away. The canyon its self may be short but its oh so sweet. We start our decent with a nice jump which sets us up well to tackle the rest of our tour.

Then we reach it, the slide! A gun barrel shaped natural chute carved into the rock, and you’ll be the bullet. Hit warp speed as you rush over the smooth rock and into the pool waiting below. After all that we are all ready for the finale. The canyon opens up and an infinity pool leads us to a thirty meter abseil to round off this trip that will leave you with the canyoning bug for sure.

Acharn Canyon


Bruar Canyoning

Bruar, The classic Scottish canyon. Ask anyone who has joined us in this epic place and they will assure you that its an experience not soon forgotten. Here we can find all the ingredients needed to cook up the ultimate adventure.

Big jumps, ranging from two meters up to the bigin’, a ten meter Leap into the emerald water filling the canyon. If jumps aren’t your thing, no worries. Bruar has plenty more to offer, including arguably one of the coolest slides to be found anywhere in Scotland. A two tier natural flume provides a huge rush to start the trip.

The cherry on top, a breathtaking twenty meter cascading waterfall right in the heart of the steep sided canyon gives up the goods with a abseil that really tops of the tour. Find yourself in full void suspended high above the pool taking in the spectacular view on show.
The long and short, if you decide to join us in this beast you wont be disappointed!