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Canyoning Training Courses UK

Canyoning is a fast and evolving adventure sport which combines rope work, water skills, communication, progression techniques, teamwork and problem solving. To be safe, efficient and confident why not undertake a canyoning training course.

If you are looking to develop your skills in canyoning, skills or become a professional canyoning instructor and work worldwide we have a canyoning training courses for you.

At the canyoning company we offer ICOpro International Training Courses. ICOpro is the International Organisation for Canyoning Professionals, run by highly experienced, expert canyoning trainers. The trainers have a vast amount of experience in canyoning all over the world, leading and managing expeditions and teaching canyoning. Our Canyoning training courses start from entry level recreational courses to professional canyoning training courses. The first canyoning training course is delivered during your initial canyoning experience at an ICOpro affiliated centre with your Canyoneer Initiation (CAI). Canyoning training courses are offered up to Professional Instructor and Trainer level, which can be accessible to anyone wishing to follow the programme and willingness to learn, develop and master there canyoning and holistic skills.

Scotland is a fantastic training location for canyoning with its diverse canyoning environments, aquatic canyons, perfect school canyons and technical canyoning. The Canyoning Company is based in Perthshire, the gateway to the highlands, with close accessibility to the UKs most iconic and classic canyoning venues. We offer a relaxed training environment with well-equipped outdoor and indoor training walls, classrooms, school canyons and white-water training sites.

Canyoning training courses we provide:

Canyoneer Initiation (CAI)

This training course lasts for one day and is delivered as part of your first canyoning experience. This course is fun and exciting and allows you to discover canyoning at your own pace. Run by an ICOpro Level 1 Instructor you will learn about the sport, how to abseil safely, jump, slide and move through the canyon environment using different techniques. Once you have completed you CAI you will receive your CAI manual, under the guidance of ICOpro Instructors be able to undertake intermediate to advanced canyon trips both here in the UK and Internationally in ICOpro centres.

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Canyoneer Level 1-2-3 (CA123)

The Canyoneer Level 1-2-3 is a recreational canyoning training course delivered over 8 days with 3 days of online learning prior to the course. The CA123 is designed to give you the skills to go canyoning recreationally, not only here in the UK but around the world. This course is delivered at our Canyoning Training Centre (CTC) by an ICOpro trainer. You will receive a 500-page manual, your canyoneer card and have the skills in all aspects of canyoning to be confident to undertake your own descents in moderate risk canyons. The canyoning company offers course dates throughout the canyoning season. We also offer group and private courses on demand.

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Assistant Instructor (AIN) – New for 2018

This professional level canyon training course is the most technical canyoning training course in the world. The ICOpro Assistant Instructor gives you the professional skills to support an ICOpro Instructor to lead canyoning descents all over the world. With technical rigging, efficient rescue techniques, white water training and assistance, teaching, coaching and a high level of personal skills, this professional course will give you the confidence to move and implement canyoning techniques, manage groups. Once completing this course you will be recognised and qualified as a highly skilled professional canyoning technician.

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Instructor Level 1 (IN1) – New for 2018

The ICOpro Instructor Level 1 is an intensive professional canyoning training programme. This course gives the candidate an extremely high level of skills, not only in canyoning techniques, but teaching, coaching, group management, evaluation, rescue skills, centre management, and customer based learning. You will receive a high level of competence within the ICOpro Organisation and will be able to lead daily canyoning excursions and trips worldwide. This qualification allows you to open, and manage an ICOpro Canyoning Training Centre.

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Instructor Validation Scheme (IVS)

If you are already a professional guide or instructor, or have a high level of technical skills in canyoning you can apply to undertake the IVS scheme. This is an intensive 2-3 days of training with an ICOpro Trainer. Transfer your skills to have the correct level of understanding and competence to undertake the professional training programmes. The IVS schemes often run just before the training courses and can offer you another route into the higher level professional training programmes ICOpro deliver.

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