Canyoning is rapidly growing all over the world and is now an international sport with associations in many different countries. Most of these countries have their own training and certification assessments for canyoning as well as many similar educational elements. The owners, Ben and George are the only UKCA senior trainers in the UK and are also co-founders of the globally reaching V7 Academy, an online training resource. We provide the highest level of Canyoning training, assessment and certification in the UK.

Canyon Guide Training and Canyoning Training Courses


5 / 5
based on 11 customer reviews
from £220 per person

Introductory and advanced workshops for canyoning and white water canyoning will deliver the expertise you want to further your experience on your outdoor adventure. These unique workshops are designed to match the requirements of the professional outdoor adventure industry, with a student-based approach allowing for individual success to be achieved.

Courses they provide are exceptional - by ,September 01, 2020
5 / 5
I have been lucky enough to have taken several canyoning training courses with The Canyoning Company, and have not been disappointed with any of them. Ben and George are fantastic instructors and the courses they provide are exceptional, whether it is a practical session in the canyon, a technical day at a training venue or a class room day in their riverside log cabin, the environment they create is an ideal situation to increase your knowledge, understanding and skills. Whether you’re just interested in finding out more or are truly passionate about Canyoning I can’t recommend taking one of their courses enough.

V7 Canyoning Academy


Rated 5 / 5
based on 11 customer reviews
from £0 per person

Canyoning training and technical knowledge is in constant evolution. This is how V7 Academy approaches your training needs: offering the latest and updated canyoning technical skills right on your screen with content produced and curated by leading professionals in the industry.

I can’t recommend this highly enough!!! - by ,August 08, 2020
5 / 5
Amazing set up. Great for all learning types, easy to start and stop and pick up where you left off with constant reminders to cement your understanding. The biggest win for me is how fun it is. I feel so much more confident for my next Canyoning trip (as very much a beginner) and excited to be able to progress in time away from the canyons. Nothing beats being in the great outdoors but this program allows you to make the most of every moment when you are Canyoning as you have already been through the theory and allowed you all the practical time when enjoying Mother Nature. I can’t recommend this highly enough!!!


CourseDatesTrainersLocationAvailabilityCostBOOK NOW
Introduction To Canyoning - Canyon Instructors course11-12 May 2024Canyon Instrctors under the supervision of Ben Case, George YatesPerthshire, Scotland3 spaces left£130 use code 50OFFCOURSEBOOK NOW
Rescue workshop4-6 June 2024Ben Case, George YatesPerthshire, Scotland8 spaces left£380BOOK NOW
Advanced Canyoning24-27 June 2024Ben Case, George YatesPerthshire, ScotlandFULL£460BOOK NOW
ADV Clinic Day28 June 2024Ben CasePerthshire, ScotlandFULL£100BOOK NOW
Introduction To Canyoning29-30 June 2024Ben Case, George YatesPerthshire, Scotland8 spaces left£260BOOK NOW
Swift water workshop1-2 July 2024Ben Case, George YatesPerthshire, Scotland4 spaces left£260BOOK NOW
Canyon Leader17-21 July 2024Ben Case, George YatesPerthshire, ScotlandFULL£640BOOK NOW
Canyon Leader23-25 Aug & 31AUG-1Sept 2024Ben Case, George YatesPerthshire, Scotland5 spaces left£640BOOK NOW


CoursesDatesLocationAvailabilityCostBook Now
L2 Guide Assessment25-26 April 2024Perthshire, ScotlandFULL£260BOOK NOW
L1 Guide Assessment29-30 April 2024Perthshire, Scotland1 space left£260BOOK NOW
Canyon Instructor09-12 May 2024Perthshire, ScotlandFULL£480BOOK NOW
L1 Guide Training15-17 May 2024Perthshire, ScotlandFULL£380BOOK NOW
L1 Guide Training02-04 Septmeber 2024Perthshire, Scotland5 space left£380BOOK NOW



Some canyoning technical knowledge can be found online but fails to provide updated technical knowledge, is not consolidated into a single source or doesn’t meet the demands of the community for international standards & best practices. V7 Academy comes to serve you as the source for contemporary, advanced canyoning technical knowledge and training. V7 Academy is a platform to answer your demands for quality canyoning content, created by canyoneers, for canyoneers.




At The Canyoning Company we pride ourselves on achieving and maintaining the highest standard of Canyoning certification as we can.

Providing training and resources to a range of private sector and public sector organisations we also provide help with outdoors training, health and safety as well as knowing how to make your adventure a memory to remember.