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Our training courses are all standardised following training standards set out by professional experts. We’re responsible for promoting the highest standards of canyoning instruction and guiding, striving to ensure that canyoneers and participants enjoy quality, safe and fun experiences. Browse through our courses for recreational and professional canyoneers and start to develop your canyoning certification.



Workshop Start Date End Date Trainers Availability Cost
Introduction To Canyoning 30th April 2022 1st May 2022 Ben Case, George Yates 6 spaces left £220
Introduction To Canyoning 4th June 2022 5th June 2022 Ben Case, George Yates 6 spaces left £220
Canyon Leader 16th August 2021 19th August 2021 Ben Case, George Yates 2 Spaces Left £485
Canyon Leader 4th May 2022 8th May 2022 Ben Case, George Yates 5 spaces left £585
Canyon Leader 13th June 2022 17th June 2022 Ben Case, George Yates 6 spaces left £585


introduction to canyoning training course


5 / 5
based on 16 customer reviews
from £220 per person

This two-day workshop is for anyone who would like to experience canyoning. Maybe you have been out on a guided trip, been out with friends or it’s your first time. Now you would like to learn the essential skills for canyoning. Become confident as a member of a lead group in moderate risk canyons.

I now feel super confident - by , September 01, 2020
5 / 5
I have just had the best day out with Ben and George in the Tummel canyon. It was awesome!! I’ve been canyoning a couple of times before, but this trip is great. All the waterfalls were abseils from 6m up to 22m, I now feel super confident abseiling and can’t wait to try another adventure with these guys. I could write an essay on how awesome it was and how amazing they both are but I'm sure they are sick of my voice. Thanks Again

canyon leader training course


Rated 5 / 5
based on 12 customer reviews
£585 per person

This 5-day course is designed to give you the skills to go canyoning independently. Learn how to create safe rope rigging solutions. Plan and prepare for your own trip, make safe and informed decisions, learn how to make jumps and slides safe, and manage a team through these features. Become proficient on ropes, learn how to ascend and covert on single ropes Learn basic rescue skills and incident management in a canyon environment and much more.

The courses they provide are exceptional - by , September 08, 2020
5 / 5
I have been lucky enough to have taken several canyoning training courses with The Canyoning Company, and have not been disappointed with any of them. Ben and George are fantastic instructors and the courses they provide are exceptional, whether it is a practical session in the canyon, a technical day at a training venue or a class room day in their riverside log cabin, the environment they create is an ideal situation to increase your knowledge, understanding and skills. Whether you’re just interested in finding out more or are truly passionate about Canyoning I can’t recommend taking one of their courses enough.

advanced canyon leader training course


Rated 5 / 5
based on 12 customer reviews
£360 per person

The UKCA Advanced Canyoning is the third level of recreational certification within the UKCA training scheme. This workshop-style training course is designed for a student who is at an intermediate level and wishes to progress their technical canyoning skills in order to progress into more advanced canyons. It’s also the pre-requisite for the Canyon Guide Level 2.

white water canyoning workshop


5 / 5
based on 15 customer reviews
£200 per person

This two day workshop is for recreational and professional canyoneers who want to further their knowledge and confidence in white water canyons. The workshop covers personal progression techniques and rescue specifically in swift water canyons. The white-water workshop encompasses the newest techniques and theory for swift water progression and rescue in the canyon environment.

Would 100% recomend to others - by , October 03, 2020
5 / 5
Had an awesome time on the beginner and then advanced white water canyoning course led by Ben Case and George Yates this past week! Learnt so much and had a blast in some canyons and white water! On the last day when it was tipping down we were able to get techy with ropes in the Nae Limits Adventure training area looking at methods (mechanical and manual) for ascending and descending, haul systems and direct rescues. The day before we were able to get in and do some rigging in the River Garry and get in and feel the different hydrolic features in high water! Got to head to Dollar canyon with two of the other participants Ryan Clark and Allan Dunlop on a day off in between the two courses and have a play and consolidate the techniques from the beginner course. On the beginners course we did a full day of introduction and practice with white water features, swimming and crossing techniques and rescue techniques and principles. We were also taught releasible and retrievable abseil and traverse line rigging methods which we were able to practice in the canyon at Bruar the next day as well as explore guided rappels. Had an absolute blast am now going back over some of the techniques we've learnt to consoladate them and explore them further. This has definitely equipped me with skills and knowledge that will enable me to improve my canyoning ability and confidence with rigging and white water both personally and professionally. They were able to adapt the content to our personal needs and gave an excellent balance of teaching and practice. Would 100% recomend to others, recreational or professional, who wish to up skill themselves in the canyon, you are guaranteed to learn lots of new and useful things!!

advanced white water canyoning training workshop


5 / 5
based on 14 customer reviews
£200 per person

This two-day workshop is designed for experienced recreational and professional canyoneers. This course is a great add on to the white-water canyoning workshop. The course will be focused on vertical rescue, scenarios on rope in waterfalls, vertical foot entrapment, stabilisation and direct rescue techniques. The workshop is designed for canyon leaders who may be required to perform vertical rescue in swift water.

More advanced techniques - by , November 09, 2020
5 / 5
I did the whitewater and advanced whitewater training with the guys at The Canyoning Company. After many years of canyoning it was perfect to practice some more advanced techniques, learn lots of new ones and improve some old habits. It was hard to find a course that caters to experienced canyoners wanting to improve all round skills however this was perfect.

one to one coaching sessions


5 / 5
based on 11 customer reviews
From £160 per person

Our coaching sessions are designed to meet all levels of ability. Our coaching and your hard work will help you reach the level of performance that you desire. We coach to your needs and will help you to achieve your goals whether a complete beginner or a Pro canyoneer. 1-2-1 coaching will be delivered by Ben Case (ICOpro Instructor Level 2, V7 Academy Instructor) and George Yates (ICOpro Senior Trainer, V7 Academy Instructor).

Outstanding canyoning philosophy - by , September 03, 2020
5 / 5
Top guys, very skilled and with an outstanding canyoning philosophy (y) Highly recommended


Training Course Start Date End Date Trainers Availability Cost
Canyon Guide Level 1 TBC 2022 TBC 2022 Ben Case, George Yates 6 spaces left from £260
Advanced Canyoning Pro (Level 2 Training) TBC 2022 TBC 2022 Ben Case, George Yates 6 spaces left £360


Canyon Guide Level 1 Training


Rated 5 / 5
based on 12 customer reviews
from £260 per person

The UKCA Canyon Guide Level 1 (CG1) is the first level of professional certification within the UKCA award scheme. This training is designed for the competent intermediate level canyoneer who wishes to prepare for assessment in order to lead canyoning/gorge walking excursions in a commercial/professional environment rated up to V2A2i.

Canyon Guide Level 2 Training


Rated 5 / 5
based on 12 customer reviews
from £360 per person

The UKCA Canyon Guide Level 2 (CG2) is the second level of professional certification within the UKCA award scheme. This award is designed for an experienced Guide Level 1 (or equivalent) who wishes to lead canyoning excursions in the UK and internationally in a commercial environment rated up to V3A3ii.


Canyoning is a great way to get fit. A full cardio and muscle building adventure


Breathing fresh Scottish air keeps your body healthy and your mind clear


Feel your adrenaline flow when you experience the thrills of canyoning


You will be immersed in the outdoors on every canyoning adventure




Some canyoning technical knowledge can be found online but fails to provide updated technical knowledge, is not consolidated into a single source or doesn’t meet the demands of the community for international standards & best practices. V7 Academy comes to serve you as the source for contemporary, advanced canyoning technical knowledge and training. V7 Academy is a platform to answer your demands for quality canyoning content, created by canyoneers, for canyoneers.




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