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The UKCA Canyon Guide Level 2 (CG2) is the second level of professional certification within the UKCA award scheme. This award is designed for an experienced Guide Level 1 (or equivalent) who wishes to lead canyoning excursions in the UK and internationally in a commercial environment rated up to V3A3ii.

Key Information

£260 per person

group discounts available

min 2 - max 6

min age - 18

mar - oct

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duration - 2 days




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L1 Guide Assessment1st September 20222nd September 2022Perthshire, Scotland£260BOOK NOW
L2 Guide Training (Advanced Pro)5th September 20227th September 2022Perthshire, Scotland£460BOOK NOW
L2 Guide Assessment30th September 20221st October 2022Perthshire, Scotland£260 BOOK NOW


  • A successful graduate of the Level 2 Canyon Guide Award will be able to lead novice canyoneers in a commercial environment through a canyon rated up to V3.A3.ii. 
  • The graduate will be very comfortable in canyon environments, demonstrating excellent anticipatory skills for reducing risk to their customers and themselves. 
  • The graduate will understand and implement safe and efficient rigging solutions in the canyon environment. 
  • The graduate will be able to plan and prepare introductory and intermediate canyoning experiences.
  • The graduate will be able to manage canyoning groups as a head guide.
  • The graduate will be able to teach canyoning skills to a group.
  • The graduate will be a role model for canyoning. 

Working Controls

A successful candidate will be able to work alone in a canyon rated up to V3A3.ii with up to 8 group members. This can be extended to 16 group members where another Canyon Guide L2 or L1 is present. A Canyon Guide Level 2 can assist a Canyon Instructor in canyons above V3A3ii.  


UKCA Senior Trainer  

Assessment Venue

Day 1 Technical - A moderate risk canyon rated around V3A3ii>. The canyons should ideally have a selection of features and technical elements for example rappels, jumps, slides and traverse lines.

Day 2 - Leadership, Incident and Group Management - A canyon rated up to V3A3ii. 


2 days 




  • Must be 21 years or older.
  • Hold a valid first-aid certificate (2-day minimum)
  • Good level of fitness, mental health and swimming ability.
  • Hold the Canyon Guide L1 award (or similar)
  • Hold the Advanced Canyoning award (or similar)

Log Book

Prior to assessment, the candidate must present a logbook with a minimum of:

  • Minimum of 40 canyoning days in at least 5 different canyons rated V3.A3.ii and above.
  • Minimum of 40 canyoning days leading canyoning trips in a minimum of 3 technical (V2.A2.i) canyons.

*These prerequisites are minimum requirements, extra days are recommended.


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