Perthshire, Scotland

This two-day workshop is for anyone who would like to experience canyoning. Maybe you have been out on a guided trip, been out with friends or it’s your first time.  Learn the essential skills for canyoning over the duration of the course. Become confident as a member of a lead group in moderate risk canyons.

Key Information

£260 per person

group discounts available

min 2 - max 6

min age - 16

mar - oct

free photos


duration - 2 days

The two-day workshop will encompass two days of learning and canyoning. You will descend 2-3 canyons over the two days. The course will be delivered by Ben Case (UKCA Trainer, ICOPro Instructor Level 2, V7 AcademyTrainer) and George Yates (UKCA Senior Trainer, ICOpro Senior Trainer, V7 Academy Trainer)

Day 1 – Explore Canyoning

In Canyon Day – Under the instruction and guidance of your instructor, learn how to be an active team member. Refine your abseiling, jumping and sliding techniques. Understand the risk factors in canyoning and how to manage them. Learn more about your specific equipment and how to use it effectively. Assist with rigging and knot craft, and understand the principles of belaying and white water canyoning.

Day 2 – Refine your skills

In canyon day – Descend two canyons, refine your skills on the rope. Learn how to move through a rebelay, lock off your descender and pass a deviation. Understand more complex communication signals and become confident moving on exposed traverse lines Set up for abseiling and zip lines by yourself.

All equipment is provided

Workshop will be based in Perthshire, Scotland

Affiliated and supported by V7 Academy Level 1 online course



The syllabus is delivered over two days with the emphasis on experiencing canyoning and introducing the students to the sport. 

1.A. Canyoning, Planning and Environment

  • Elearning Feedback - Definition of canyoning
  • Elearning Feedback - Canyoning rating system
  • Elearning Feedback - Environmental awareness and trip planning
  • Elearning Feedback - Topo Maps and information

1.B. Equipment

  • Introduction to personal equipment
  • Set up harness
  • Rope packing, coiling and rope selection
  • Team equipment
  • PPE and equipment checking

1.C. Knotcraft

  • Overhand on a bite
  • Figure 8 on a bite
  • Mule hitch

1.D. Movement on Rope

  • Moving on traverse lines (with and without intermediate points) 
  • Double-check principle
  • Identification and use of a master point
  • Abseiling - Set up of descender
  • Abseiling - Static position and locking off
  • Abseiling - Technical process 
  • Abseiling - General techniques
  • Abseiling - Adding friction during an abseil
  • Abseiling - Carrying a bag
  • Movement on a guided abseil
  • Belaying from below

1.E. Movement 

  • Walking techniques
  • Downclimbing - Identification and assessment, techniques, traverse lines and spotting
  • Jumping - Identification and assessment of jumps, making jumps safe and techniques
  • Sliding - Identification and assessment of slides, making slides safe and techniques

1.F. Movement in Water

  • Swimming - Aggressive and Defensive swimming techniques
  • Deepwater disconnect technique
  • Floatation 
  • Swimming with a bag
  • Descending with a bag

1.G. Teamwork

  • Communication - Visual and whistle
  • Bag management 
  • Double-check principle

1.F. Feedback

  • Personal and group feedback
  • Introduction to the Canyon Leader Course

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