Perthshire, Scotland

This 5-day course is designed to give you the skills to go canyoning independently. Learn how to create safe rope rigging solutions. Plan and prepare for your own trip, make safe and informed decisions, learn how to make jumps and slides safe, and manage a team through these features. Become proficient on ropes, learn how to ascend and covert on single ropes Learn basic rescue skills and incident management in a canyon environment and much more.

Key Information

£640 per person

group discounts available

min 2 - max 6

min age - 16

mar - oct

free photos


duration - 5 days

As part of the course, you get lifetime access to the V7 Academy Level 2 online course ($250rrp)

The five-day workshop will encompass five days of learning and canyoning. You will descend 4+ canyons over four days. The course will be delivered by Ben Case (UKCA Senior Trainer, ICOPro Instructor Level 2, V7 Academy Trainer) and George Yates (UKCA Senior Trainer, ICOpro Senior Trainer, V7 Academy Trainer)

Day 1 – Rope progression and Anchors

Cliff, workshop and classroom – On the cliff learn how to move confidently on ropes. Learn how to ascend and convert from ascent to descent on a single rope. Lear safe and effective belaying techniques. Learn how to set up traverse lines and manage rope bags and rope in the canyon environment.

Understand how to identify and construct anchors.

Day 2 – Rigging and White water

Canyon - Learn how to build releasable and retrievable abseils in the canyon. Learn how to set up traverse lines. Set up and take down your own rigging. Understand obstacle analysis and how to safely inspect and manage jumps, slides and downclimbs.

The second part of the day will be based at the river where you will learn how to swim in moving water, manage a team and equipment and learn basic canyoning white water safety.

Day 3 – Clinic Canyon

Canyon - Descend a canyon under the guidance of your instructors and put the skills you have learned into practice. This day offers more 1-2-1 coaching and gives you the opportunity to start leading sections of the canyon.

Day 4 – Pitch Management and Rescue

Canyon - Learn how to manage pitch heads and a group in canyon environments. Understand the concepts of setting the rope length. Learn how to build guided abseils. Understand how to manage rope abrasion. Learn rescue techniques such as cut and lower rescues, release and direct rope rescues. Become confident in managing incidents in the canyon environment.

Day 5 – Clinic Canyon

Canyon - Then on the final day you will descend a canyon under the guidance of your instructors and put all the skills you have learned into practice. 

The course will be based in Perthshire, Scotland

Affiliated and supported by V7 Academy Level 2 course including lifetime access on the online Course.




E-Learning (Pre Course Learning) - Canyoning, Environment, Planning, Equipment, Knotcraft and Teamwork. 

Once the student enrolls on the UKCA Canyon Leader course they will receive access to the V7 Level 2 Course. The whole course content is covered in video and e-books. The topics listed below should be studied (as a minimum) before Day 1 of the course. 

1.2. Canyoning & Environment

  • History and Development
  • Hydrology
  • Geology
  1. Planning
  • Canyoning rating systems
  • Guide books and info
  • Basic navigation
  • Topographic maps
  • Water levels 
  • Watershed 
  • Weather 
  • Team selection
  • Emergency planning
  1. Equipment
  • Loads and Forces
  • Personal Equipment 
  • Team Equipment
  • Rigging Equipment 
  • Care and storage
  1. Knotcraft
  • Knotcraft Level 2
  1. Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Teammate assessment 
  • Team management


Day 1 - Rope Progression and Anchors 

Part 1A - Equipment & Knotcraft - Cliff/Climbing wall/Canyon/Trees

  • Set up harness and equipment check.
  • Knotcraft 

Part 1B - Horizontal Rope Progression

The student will learn how to move safely on:

  • Traverse line without intermediate points.
  • Traverse line with intermediate points.

Part 1C - Vertical Rope Progression (Descent)

  • Clip into anchor station.
  • Set up the descender using different modes.
  • The technical process of moving from anchor station to descent.
  • Static Position and Lock off
  • Abseil technique and body positions
  • Guided Rappel - Classic method

Part 1D - Vertical Rope Progression (Ascent)

  • Ascending 
  • Rope Conversion

1E - Equipment (20min)

  • Bag Packing 
  • Rope Length

Part 1F - Anchors 

  • E-Learning Feedback - Fall Factor and Impact Force.
  • E-Learning Feedback - Identification of linked and unlinked anchors.
  • E-Learning Feedback - Redundancy 
  • Linking unlinked anchors.
  • Master Carabiner. 
  • Double-check method.
  • Natural Anchors - set up and identification

Part 1G - Rigging Traverse Lines

  • Set up - Retrievable traverse line without intermediate points
  • Set up - Retrievable traverse line without intermediate points - belayed by a teammate.
  • Set up - FIxed traverse lines with intermediate points



Day 2 - Rigging and Swift-water  

Part 2A - Releasable Rigging Systems

  • Releasable System - Single strand (MMO)
  • Releasable System - Single strand (EMO)
  • Releasable System - Single strand (Releasable fig 8 block)
  • Static System - Knot block
  • Cleaning the anchor
  • Belaying from below
  • Belaying from above

Part 2B - Movement

  • Jumping
  • Sliding 
  • Downclimbing

Part 2C - Swift Water Progression - Canyon rated A3 or River grade 2 max 

  • Defensive swimming
  • Active (Aggressive) swimming
  • Swift-water entry
  • Entering and exiting eddies
  • Swift-water bag management
  • River Crossing 
  • Duck-diving

Part 2D - Swift Water Rescue

  • Rescue principles - Shout Reach Throw
  • Conditional Rescues
  • Rope Throwing 



Day 3 - Clinic Day - Progression and Swift Water

Clinic days are designed to spend the day canyoning and go over any of the techniques from the course so far.

GROUP REVIEW - Progress monitoring form



Day 4 - Rigging, Anchor Management and Incident Management

 Part 4A - Setting the Rope Length

  • Setting rope length when the anchor manager cannot see the bottom with a knot.

Part 4B - Abrasion Management 

  • Isolation - Human deviation 
  • Mitigation - Using a bag, foot or rope protector
  • Minimisation - Slipping the rope
  • Elimination techniques - Guided Abseil 

Part 4C - Guided Rappel 

  • Classic guided rappel
  • Uses and applications for guided abseils

Part 4E - Human Anchors

  • Human anchor for abseiling - checking pool depths

Part 4F - Incident Management 

  • E-Learning Feedback - Launching the Alert
  • Emergency Escapes
  • Transporting a casualty

Part 4G - Rescue

  • Self Rescue - Releasing a jammed descender
  • Indirect Rescue - Releasable rigging
  • Lowering a casualty using MMO
    • Using a guided Abseil
    • On verticals
  • Indirect Rescue - Indirect rope cutting using MMO
  • Indirect Rescue - Indirect - 3:1 Simple Haul



Day 5 - Clinic Day - Technical Review and Canyon Descent

Clinic days are designed to spend the day canyoning and go over any of the techniques from the course. 

Canyon descent (V3A3ii MAX) 

 GROUP REVIEW - Progress monitoring form






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