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Canyoning is a fantastic activity for everyone, its perfect for stag and hen parties, cooperate groups, or anyone wanting to challenge themselves, and experience the thrill of the UKs fastest growing adventure sport!!

We have Canyon locations throughout the whole of Scotland. If this is you first canyoning experience, or you’re addicted to canyoning….there’s a trip here for you!! We have given each canyon a rating, and have a map to help you choose the most suitable canyon experience for you.

Bruar Canyon


Rated 5 / 5
based on 23 customer reviews
£65 per person

This canyon has everything to offer; awesome jumps ranging from 2meters to 10meters, flumes, vertical rock slides and awesome waterfall abseils. Bruar Canyon is non stop fun, with something for everyone! The canyon has a footpath running up the side, so its great for friends or family to come and watch, take photos and enjoy the canyon from a distance.

A great trip - by ,September 26, 2020
5 / 5
We had a great trip lead by George and Ben, to Bruar canyon. They tailored the trip to suit our needs and ability. Would recommend to anyone thinking of going canyoning in Scotland

Tummel Canyon


based on 26 customer reviews
£85 per person

Hidden along the shores of Loch Tummel, Perthshire is Tummel Canyon. This is a really fun, true canyoning experience. We opened Tummel Canyon in April 2018, it is more technical canyon with 14 abseils, the biggest waterfall is 22m. If you want to spend some time on a rope this canyon is for you! Don’t fancy all 14 abseils that’s fine we can get in at different points throughout the canyon making it accessible for all .

It was awesome!! - by ,September 5, 2020
5 / 5
I have just had the best day out with Ben and George in the Tummel canyon. It was awesome!! I’ve been canyoning a couple of times before, but this trip is great. All the waterfalls were abseils from 6m up to 22m, I now feel super confident abseiling and can’t wait to try another adventure with these guys. I could write an essay on how awesome it was and how amazing they both are but I'm sure they are sick of my voice. Thanks Again

Pharaohs Canyon


based on 11 customer reviews
£140 per person

This trip is for the experienced canyoneer, consisting of big abseils, Guided rappels and jumps. A narrow corridor at the top section is committing, once you’re in, you’re in! Eventually, the canyon opens out to a plateau of rock with lots of options to descend down. This trip is a real canyoning adventure for people ready to reach the next level.

Awesome guides - by ,September 5, 2020
5 / 5
First things first, I can not recommend canyoning enough, the most amount of fun I’ve had in years! Ben and George were awesome guides and their love of the sport shon through with how enthusiastic and knowledgeable they were about each Canyon (not to mention they were some pretty cool dudes). I will 100% be coming back up to the area next season to spend some more time in the canyons. Cheers boys such a sick experience!

Family Canyon Trip


5 / 5
based on 11 customer reviews
£85 per person

This canyon has everything to offer; awesome jumps ranging from 2meters to 10meters, flumes, vertical rock slides and awesome waterfall abseils. Bruar Canyon is non stop fun, with something for everyone! The canyon has a footpath running up the side, so its great for friends or family to come and watch, take photos and enjoy the canyon from a distance.

We all loved it - by ,June 29, 2019
5 / 5
We chose The Canyoning Company for a family adventure day Meeting in Scotland. Canyoning in the Highlands on a sunny and warm day, what better could we ask for? As soon as we met Mitch and Drew we knew we were in great hands. They are true professionals, good guys and terrific photographers! They gave encouragement and jokes when needed and made the whole experience fantastic! We all loved it and my sister in law enjoyed overcoming her nerves to experience the adrenalin rush and a real sense of achievement. Amazing! I would definitely recommend. Thanks for everything guys! Ps: They take pictures for you during the whole session, so no need to worry about getting your phone/camera wet!

Custom Canyoning Trip


5 / 5
based on 11 customer reviews
£tbcper person

Let us organise your very own private canyoning tour. Immerse yourself in Scottish culture; sample the finest ales and whiskies in the best pubs and inns; eat the freshest produce and experience the warmest hospitality you can find and of course, enjoy breath-taking scenery in the most stunning canyons in Scotland.

Fantastic weekend - by ,September 11, 2018
5 / 5
George & Ben are extremely passionate about their job and very professional. They helped organise a fantastic weekend and are a pleasure to work with. Not only did they plan the full itinerary they even cooked us a cracking BBQ and organised amazing lunch each day during the activities. The bunkhouse is beautiful and very clean. The activities are fantastic and the equipment they provide is top of the range and they make sure your safe throughout the full process. Thanks again guys and I hope to book up again with you for a weekend away. Best company in Scotland for outdoor activities.


Canyoning is a great way to get fit. A full cardio and muscle building adventure


Breathing fresh Scottish air keeps your body healthy and your mind clear


Feel your adrenaline flow when you experience the thrills of canyoning


You will be immersed in the outdoors on every canyoning adventure


If you are feeling adventurous why not try canyoning. Explore beautiful locations throughout Scotland such as Perthsire, Stirlingshire and the Highlands. Some of the best canyons in the world can be found in Scotlan and they offer a true adventure experience.



Canyoning is a perfect mix of different outdoor activities. But although canyoning uses a mixture of skills it has its own specific way to do things. It involves rock climbing skills, as there is often abseiling and rappelling. Swimming is an important part as most canyons have water in them.

Canyoneering is an adventure activity. It combines rock and water activities into a sport full of adrenaline and natural beauty. When you go canyoning you will be trekking through river gorges. You will also explore around rock pools and behind waterfalls. You will find yourself abseiling down waterfalls as well as tackling cliff jumps into stunning water rock pools.



Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.


Canyonneer abseiling down Waterfall and cliff

The best canyons are often found in mountainous areas. Where rivers and steep mountains form deep river gorges or canyons. Due to the natural erosion of the water on the rock beautiful rock features can be found.

From this smooth waterfalls are formed to create almost a natural water park. Some canyons can be technical (involving ropes and tricky moves). Many canyons are accessible to all and can just involve jumping and walking. The best locations in the UK are found in Scotland. There are also some canyons in North Wales and the Lake District.

When there is water a lot of fun can be had. However, some knowledge of water safety and the ability to swim is vital. Often you can slide down natural chutes. Jump into deep pools. You can also swim your way through beautiful sheer sided gorges.

Our passion has developed as an exploration sport with similar techniques to caving and climbing. The beauty is to explore hidden canyons using precise skills and techniques.

Canyoneer sliding down natural rock water slide
Girl abseiling and repelling down waterfall at acharn canyon

All under the supervision of an experienced and certified guide you can immerse yourself into the wilderness of Scotland and travel through the hidden beauty of the Scottish landscape. From mountains, forest and prehistoric rock formations we will guide you through the naturally stunning scenery as you get your adrenaline fix.

Bruar, Dollar, Alva and the Grey Mares Tail are some of the best canyons in Scotland. Everything from big abseils, ziplines, jumps and stunning scenery are all there to be experienced. We offer daily trips to these locations around Scotland with expert instructors.



At the end of the day, canyoning exists for one reason and one reason only; it’s insanely fun. It’s a great adventure sport. A fantastic way to get out into the countryside and explore the rivers and gorges. To get waist-deep in the water of new countries on your travels and to see waterfalls and slides, the likes of which you never even knew existed.

At The Canyoning Company we pride ourselves on achieving and maintaining the highest standard of Canyoning certification as we can.

Providing training and resources to a range of private sector and public sector organisations we also provide help with outdoors training, health and safety as well as knowing how to make your adventure a memory to remember.


We are here to help make your outdoor adventure experience an amazing memory to enjoy so, please get in touch for all the information you need.

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