Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Canyoning?

Canyoning is the descend of a river system or gorge, by foot. On your journey you will encounter slides, jumps and abseils, most of which are in and around waterfalls. Canyoning is an adventure sport, but you can take it at your own pace.

Is Canyoning Dangerous?

Canyoning is an adventure sport, which has inherent risks associated with it. Although canyoning is not dangerous if you have the right knowledge, skills and equipment, this is what we provide. Our guides are the highest qualified professionals in the UK and more importantly most experienced. We are specialists at assessing risk, and making dynamic risk assessments and adapting to situations and environments in a safe and enjoyable way. For more info Contact Us.

What Equipment Is Included?

At The Canyoning Company we provide the highest quality equipment you will need to keep you safe, comfortable and warm on your experience with us. All you need to bring is a towel, swimwear and a sense of adventure

Do I Need to Have Insurance?

At The Canyoning Company we have full public liability insurance of up to 10million, but do not provide personal insurance. This means if you have an accident, or hurt yourself on our trips as a result of your own fault, you will not be covered under our insurance. This is standard policy. We advise that if you feel it necessary to take out your own personal insurance you should. Feel free to Contact Us for more information.

What Is The Minimum Age?

Every canyon is different, due to this each canyon has a set minimum age limit. This however can be changed or lowered depending on circumstances. The minimum age is set due to the adventurous nature and physical nature of the canyon, also the level of adrenalin that may be involved. If you do have younger children and feel this activity is suitable for them feel free to Contact Us, as we are aware that some children are more adventurous than others.

How Do I Pay?

We have 4 easy steps for booking:

  • Contact Us to check availability and book you trip/tour/training course.
  • We will send you an email with our payment options
  • You pay (50% deposit, full amount 14 days before activity)
  • We will send you a booking conformation, and receipt of payment

Where Do We Meet?

The Canyoning Company is a mobile outdoor centre. We operate all over Scotland and the UK. Generally, we will meet you at the canyoning venues. If you do want to meet us for a cup of tea, or a beer we are based in Perthshire around the Dunked area.

Where Are You Based?

We will meet you at an allocated meet place at the canyon itself. This will be sent to you on your booking conformation, and is available on the Canyoning Page

Do You Provide Transport?

Yes, if you don’t have your own transport, we can provide a pick-up service on request. If you require us to arrange transport, please Contact Us before making your booking.

I Can't Swim

Don’t worry, it is not essential to be able to swim. We can provide you with Buoyancy aids, to aid you in the water. Although be aware canyoning is a full submerged activity where you will be in the water for durations of the trip.

Can I Bring My Camera?

Yes! If its fully waterproof, you are welcome to bring along your GoPros and cameras. We usually take a camera with us too, and will take pictures of the trip where we can. These will be shared with you at no cost.

Please Note: We don’t not have insurance to cover your cameras or electrical equipment. The canyoning environment will be harsh on even the most robust camera equipment. The Canyoning Company cannot be held liable for any loss or damage occurred to this equipment whist on a trip with us. If The Canyon Company Guides believe the use of your camera on specific sections of the trip may be dangerous, we reserve the right to ask you don’t use it. We will store it in one of our bags.

On request, you can upgrade to professional photography with The Adventure Photographers. This will be an additional cost, depending on the canyon, groups size and product(s) required. Contact Us for more infromation.

Do You Provide Footwear?

Yes, we believe that footwear is one of the most important pieces of equipment you need for canyoning. We are the only company that provides specialist canyoning footwear!