If you would like to experience the most fun and adventurous gorge walking that Scotland has to offer you may find the thrill you are searching for on one of our gorge walking trips. We have gorges that suit all ages and abilities.

Whether you want a fun filled exciting day with friends or an adrenaline filled extreme gorge walking session our gorges in Scotland are the place to find the excitement you need.

Bruar Gorge Walking Trip


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based on 11 customer reviews
from £55 per person

Gorge Walking is a brilliatly exciting way to discover the stunning landscapes of Scotland. Accompanied by a highly experienced outdoor pursuit guide you will follow the river through the gorge, scrambling over rocks, jumping into plunge pools and helping each other across the water and generally having a lot of fun!

Scottish outdoors at its best - by ,September 22, 2020
5 / 5
Great family day out. Scottish outdoors at its best. Experienced coaches, good quality equipment, our 2nd time. Dollar then Bruar. Loved them both. We will be back

Dollar Gorge Walking Trip


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from £60 per person

Dollar Gorge Walking is the perfect activitiy for all the familly and close to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling. The gorge offers jumps into pools, scrambling over rocks and an awesome roped section.

A Dollar Delight - by ,August 09, 2023
5 / 5
We've been gill scrmabling in the Lakes, but WOW was was this better! Our boys had the best time and won't stop asking to try it again.


Gorge walking is the younger sibling of canyoning and is an exciting experience adventurous families, stag and hen parties, corporate team building and many more groups.

We have two gorge walking sites located in Perthshire, just north of Pitlochry and Clackmannanshire (near Stirling) We run trips in the summer holidays or we can run any other day depending upon group size. I you have a date in mind GET IN TOUCH to check availability.


Gorge walking is a great to get fit. A full cardio and muscle building adventure


Breathing fresh Scottish air keeps your body healthy and your mind clear


Feel your adrenaline when you experience the thrills of gorge walking


You will be immersed in the outdoors on every canyoning adventure



Gorge walking, is an adventurous outdoor activity that involves traveling through natural canyons or gorges using a combination of techniques such as walking, climbing, scrambling, jumping, swimming, and sometimes a little rope work. The goal is to navigate the various obstacles presented by the gorge environment, which can include waterfalls, rock formations, pools, and narrow passages.

Participants typically wear wetsuits and safety gear such as helmets and harnesses to protect themselves from the elements and potential hazards. Gorge walking is often done in areas with flowing water, and participants may need to swim across pools, slide down natural water chutes, and leap into plunge pools. It's an exciting and physically demanding activity that requires a reasonable level of fitness, a willingness to get wet, and the ability to handle uneven terrain.

Gorge walking can be done as a recreational activity, team-building exercise, or as part of outdoor adventure programs. It's important to engage in gorge walking with proper safety precautions and under the guidance of experienced guides or instructors who are familiar with the local conditions and potential risks. This activity is a great way for families and those younger adventurers to experience nature up close and challenge oneself while enjoying the beauty of canyon environments.

Limits only exist in the mind of those who do not wish to dare


As a gorge contains natural rock formations, chutes, and various challenges to overcome, we naturally want to conquer them. But how?

Gorge walking is an inclusive extreme sport that provides an entry to outdoor activities for novices and beginners. Our informative guide explains what gorge walking is, where it can be done and who it is suitable for.

Gorge walking is one of the best outdoor activities that you can do. It involves a group scrambling up or down a river or stream. This may seem simple however, it is the type of river that makes the difference between easy and expert.

Gorge Walking or Canyoning, is an exciting way to explore stunning gorges.

Gorge walking is a wet riverwalk with a mixture of scrambling over rocks, jumping into plunge pools, low level traversing, using teamwork to help each other across the water and generally having a lot of fun!  

Even though gorge walking in Scotland is a hugely exciting outdoor activity we aim to make it as safe as possible. All our instructors are highly experienced climbing instructors as well as experts in gorge walking. We check out all the locations that we operate in and we know each step of the way like the back of our hand.

Equipped with a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and a helmet, our experienced gorge instructors will guide you up river where the fun will begin. Suitable for both kids and adults, this adventure day will push you outside of your comfort zone, get you reaching goals you never thought possible, and give you an adventure experience to remember for a lifetime, all within a safe and controlled environment.



Gorge Walking is a fantastic physically demanding activity and is definitely one of our most popular activity days. It’s ideal for groups and individuals, particularly school groups, company team building activities and without doubt our most popular activity for stag weekends.

At The Canyoning Company we pride ourselves on achieving and maintaining the highest standard of Canyoning certification as we can.

Providing training and resources to a range of private sector and public sector organisations we also provide help with outdoors training, health and safety as well as knowing how to make your adventure a memory to remember.