What’s included in the price for canyoning?

At The Canyoning Company we believe that you should get the safest most enjoyable experience that why we make sure you get the best of everything.

Canyoning experiences in Scotland cost between £45 and £125 depending on the canyon. The length of your canyoning tour, the level of the canyon and the location can affect the price.  Our basic family canyoning experience starts at £45 which is a great introduction to canyoning and our standard Discover canyoning trips start at £70 per person.


You will be accompanied always by two canyoning instructors. Canyoning instructors are not only guides, they are highly experienced internationally qualified and professional. They will join you on you canyoning experience from the start to finish ensuring you experience the most fun safe and memorable experience.


Its so important to us that you feel comfortable and confident in the canyoning environment. You will get the best quality equipment available on the market. This includes a two-piece wetsuit, wetsuit socks, thermal top, helmet, harness and canyoning shoes. Yes, canyoning shoes! They are the most important piece of canyoning equipment we provide.  If you book a canyoning experience you should always check if you will be provided with canyoning specific shoes.

Free canyoning photos

On every trip we make sure you we capture your memories, that why we provide you with free photos. They are available instantly after your experience with us.

Get certified

On every canyoning experience with The Canyoning Company you will learn about canyoning. Therefore, our instructors will teach you the basics about abseiling, jumping sliding and having fun! At the end of your trip you will receive you Canyoneer Initiation Certification CAI and be able to experience more canyoning trips here in Scotland and around the world.

Snacks and Drinks

It is important you are energised, refreshed and hydrated for canyoning adventure with us. Therefore, we proved everyone with complimentary snacks and drinks during you canyoning experience.

In conclusion, we love to meet you for a canyoning trip. If you would like to know more about canyoning experiences in Scotland please contact us. You can also send us a facebook message though our page.

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