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ICOpro Assistant Instructor – ICOpro AIN

Do you want to work worldwide as a canyoning professional?

Do you want to start your career as a professional Canyoneer?

Become an ICOpro professional and undertake the most technical canyoning training course in the world.


Have all the required skills to assist an ICOpro Instructor (IN) during Canyoneer Initiation training course (CAI) and to assist the IN to manage the logistics of an ICOpro Affiliated Centre. The Assistant Instructor helps the IN who is in charge of the excursion; and the AIN must also be skilled enough to supervise the group in case of accident or force majeure.

Technical training will include personal progression techniques, using effective safe and efficient rigging techniques, single pitch and multi-pitch rigging, effective use of knots, understanding rope and anchor physics, physiology and teaching. The course is based at 80% technical skills and 20% teaching. White water progression and group management, rescue techniques specific to white water canyoning, free diving techniques, managing emergency’s, advanced canyoning rescue techniques, rigging handlines, guided rappel variations, improvised rope progression, advanced horizontal and vertical progression techniques and clinic session. The course has final tests and an ongoing check monitoring programme.

Duration 12 days:

  • Pre-training course e-learning: 2 days minimum
  • Assistant Instructor Training Course: 10 days 


  • Available for everyone who has reached the age of the majority in his/her country of origin.
  • Have validated CA Lvl 3 or have attended ICOpro *IVS.
  • Have completed AIN e-learning pre-training course.
  • Be in good mental and physical condition.
  • Swimming: 50m and running: 1km.
  • Medical certificate issued less than three months prior to the training course, testifying that the trainee is physically and mentally fit for canyoning activities.
  • Have a valid first-aid certificate issued less than twelve months prior to the training course
  • Pass successfully the entry test 1:« AIN test of conversion » on single rope free method in a time less than or equal to 5mn. High 5m, knot in a middle of the rope
    Ascent → Passing a knot → Conversion → Descent → Passing a knot. Or 
    Descent → Passing a knot → Conversion → Ascent → Passing a knot 
    !!! The candidate will not attend the training if the test is not successful and no refunds will be given.
  • Pass successfully the entry test 2 «  AIN Rescue Scenario » Indirect rope cutting free method in a time less than or equal to 1.15mn.
    !!! The candidate will not attend the training if the test is not successful and no refunds will be given.

(*IVS – International Validation Scheme: If you are already a professional guide or instructor, or have a high level of technical skills in canyoning you can apply to undertake the IVS scheme. This is an intensive 2 days of training with an ICOpro Trainer. Transfer your skills to have the correct level of understanding and competence to undertake the professional training programmes. To apply for an IVS please contact us:


The full curriculum of the ICOpro Assistant Instructor course can be found here.

Additional Information:

All registered participants in the course will receive:

  • ICOpro Assistant Instructor Technical Manual/Workbook (500+ pages)
  • ICOpro T-Shirt
  • ICOpro Cap
  • 3 ICOpro stickers
  • Full ICOpro Professional membership.
  • ICOpro Professional Card
  • Access to continuous International Professional Development (IPD).
  • ICOpro discounts with equipment suppliers such a AV, Vaderetro, Kordas and 5″10, canyon store nl, plus many more.


The price for the course is £1700. We are happy to offer a payment plan, and take payments up to one month before the start of the course.

Participant Record

The Participant Record is a registration document for the course which includes the Contract and Cancellation Policies this document can be found below. It is mandatory to complete this Participant Record and return it to The Canyoning Company prior to making any payment after registering for the course.


To complete registration for the course, we require a deposit of £700. This deposit is non refundable based on the conditions outlined in the Participant Record

Full payment for the course must be completed at least 1 month (30 days) prior to the start of the course.

For the AIN course, The Canyoning Company will accept cash, check, bank transfer, or pay pal transfer (if paying from outside the UK)

We are happy to look at payment plans, pay back options or instalments with you also.


The Canyoning Company, as the course organizer, will provide all the necessary group equipment for the course. A an aspirant professional you will be expected to provide all your own personal technical equipment. We are aware that if you are travelling from abroad it may be easier for you to wetsuits whilst on the course. Equipment is always available for purchase before, during and after course at a discounted rate.


Accommodation during the course is in addition to the course fee. You are responsible for organizing your own accommodation during the course.

We have a bunkhouse with 12 beds, when available, we have special course price of £20per person per night.  Other accommodation options are best found in Dunkeld or Birnam, Pitlochry or surrounding area. Here are some accommodation providers in the area, but please feel free to contact us about more options I.e camping etc.

Jessie Macs

The Royal Hotel

Athol Arms


Snacks and drinks will be provided during the course, we can organise lunches on the course around £5 per day. You are responsible for all other meals outside of this.


During the course, all transport will be provided by The Canyoning Company. We will also offer a complimentary pick-up/drop-off to/from Edinburgh or Glasgow airport.

So what to do now?

If you’re happy with everything, fill out the attached Participant Record and return it to us. Once received, we will arrange a payment for the course deposit.


To register for the course you will need to go to the ICOpro website and register yourself or sign up as a member, you can do this here

Once you are registered as an ICOpro member you are then able to register for the course.
If you have additional questions, you can call us, email or message, we are happy to help in any way.

Email us:

Call us: 07565542766

Canyoning is what we do!

Start DateEnd DateTrainer(s)LocationCost10% OFF if you pay in full by:
26th April 20195thMay 2019George Yates, ICOpro Senior trainerPerthshire, Scotland£1750.00£1530 by the end of January
30th September 20199th October 2019George Yates, ICOpro Senior trainerPerthshire, Scotland £1750.00 £1530 by the end of April