Canyoneer Initiation (CAI)

Get certified on every trip!

All our canyoning experience tours follow a 1 day course curriculum designed by the International Canyoning Organisation for professionals. This course is called the CAI, the curriculum is designed to give the trainee (you) an fun and safe introduction to the sport of canyoning. You will be taught be a highly qualified instructor and assistant instructor. On your CAI you will learn about the canyoning equipment you will use, you will gain knowledge on communication techniques in the canyon and how to move safely in the canyon environment.

Techniques covered:

    • Walking
    • Scambling
    • Swimming
    • Jumping
    • Sliding
    • Moving on hand lines
    • Abseiling/rappelling
    • Zip-lines

When you finish you trip there will be hi-fives all round and you will be validated with a Canyoneer card, have the option to download a free manual and most importantly become part of the ICOpro family.

canyoneer card
canyoneer card