We are very proud that The Canyoning Company is now an ‘affiliated’ ICOpro Canyoneer Training Centre. It’s taken us years of hard work, passion and drive to get this affiliation, so we want to tell you all about it…

What is ICOpro?

ICOpro stands for International Canyoning Organisation for Professionals. ICOpro was set up in 2011 to develop canyoning practice and to set the highest possible standard for participants, instructors and affiliated centers.  ICOpro has over 12,500 members, over 20 centers in over 87 countries!

What does this mean for us?

The Canyoning Company is the ONLY canyoning provider in the UK to be affiliated with ICOpro. This ‘quality label’ shows we are operating at the highest possible standards in the world, in terms of safety, equipment, instructors and actual canyoning experiences.

All of our safety equipment is monitored through an online system. Our instructors have to go through continuous training and development. Our standards are now continuously monitored by ICOpro and every customer will have the opportunity to give feedback to ICOpro about our standards. Our technical advisors are the most experienced canyoning experts in the world, ‘One world one standard’.

Become part of ICOpro!

On every canyoning trip with us, we will train you to ICOpro standards, so you become autonomous within a led group. Customers will learn how to abseil themselves, move on ropes and understand canyoning progression; such as jumping, sliding and swimming. You will receive you CAI (canyoneer initiation) card, a free manual and become part of the fastest growing, largest canyoning organization in the world.

Training Courses 

Once you have your CAI and have found your new passion, we can run training courses for you to become autonomous on your own. You will also be able to follow the professional training courses to become a canyoning instructor around the world.

To find out more about ICOpro check out www.icopro.org

Or get in touch with us! Canyoning is what we do!!

ICOpros Philosophy

Excellence is our daily commitment, we keep concentrating on high-standard canyoning training courses in order to offer a fun and safe practice adapted to each country’s policies and each type of canyon.

Training programs for our instructors and the quality control of our affiliated centres allow us to follow the progression of each learner and to adapt specific courses if necessary. Our instructors, trainers and ICOpro affiliated centers are highly qualified and experts in their field; their professional methods allow you to see quickly the advancement of your skills.