It can be, if you don’t have the skills! Canyoning, like any adventure sport it has it’s risk and is a moderate risk adventure sport practiced in a dynamic mountainous environment. So, without having the right knowledge, understanding, experience training it can be dangerous.

Our expert training allows us to safely assess the risks involved with all aspects of canyoning; researching the locations, specialised equipment, specific canyoning rope techniques and only slide or jump when we need to or when we know it is safe.

When researching you must take into consideration:

·   Dams- they can release high volumes of water altering the levels of the flow and can create dangerous currents.

·   Weather forecasts – rain forecasted locally/regional. Catchment … local knowledge 

·   Specialist equipment –  Be aware that cold water can cause hypothermia.

·  Rope techniques – When using ropes in water you must be able to release a system or know how to preform a rescue/cut away.

We always check pools before jumping or sliding as flooding can change the depth of pools. Debris can be washed into the pools and often submerged objects like branches or rocks are often be invisible from above. When jumping into pools without checking can have serious implications as objects can form snag hazards and can also present a real risk of impact, impalement and spinal injuries if jumps and slide are not carried out properly.

Canyoning without instructors is not advised until your skills are developed to the right level for the canyon.

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Remember that water conditions can change very quickly. What may have appeared safe earlier could become very different a few minutes/hours later.