Ensuring the safety and well-being of canyoning participants by providing expert guidance and support to canyoning instructors and companies.


What is a Technical Advisor?

A technical advisor in canyoning is a EXPERT professional who provides guidance and support to canyoning guides, instructors and companies. Canyoning is an outdoor activity that involves traveling down canyons using a variety of techniques, including walking, scrambling, jumping, rappelling, and swimming. It can be a high-risk activity that requires technical expertise, physical fitness, and good judgment to ensure the safety of participants.

A technical advisor in canyoning typically has extensive experience and training in canyoning techniques, safety, and risk management. They may work for canyoning schools, adventure travel companies, or government agencies that oversee outdoor recreation. Some of the key responsibilities of a technical advisor in canyoning include:

  1. Providing guidance on route selection and hazard assessment
  2. Advising on equipment selection and maintenance
  3. Training and mentoring canyoning guides and instructors
  4. Developing safety protocols and emergency response plans
  5. Conducting risk assessments and accident investigations.

In short, a technical advisor in canyoning plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of canyoning participants by providing expert guidance and support to canyoning professionals.


The owners of The Canyoning Company, Ben and George, are specialists in canyoning. Based in Dunkeld, Scotland; they provide guided Canyoning trips around Scotland, recreational and professional training courses from beginner to advanced, Canyoning ToursInternational Canyoning trips, and technical advise.

Between them, Ben and George have 20+ years experience working in the outdoors and most of that time has been spent in canyoning.  In past few years they have helped create V7 Academy; an online canyoning learning resource with over 160 instructional videos and E-books filmed in the canyon environment.  Most recently they founded the UKCA to deliver high quality, standardised, internationally recognised training and certification within the UK and overseas.

George Yates

George has been involved in canyoning in the UK and internationally for the past 14 years. He is an accomplished canyon guide and trainer, with vast experience teaching and guiding around the world. George co-owns The Canyoning Company and V7 Academy. He is the training advisor and one of the UKCA founders.

From a young age George was always involved in outdoor adventure sports and activities, spending most of his teenage years Kayaking and hill walking. George took a 3 year degree in Outdoor Leadership in Penrith, Cumbria. Here he spent 3 years developing his skills as an outdoor instructor and coach. George really fell in love with white water kayaking and anything involving challenging water and rivers. 

When he finished University he took a job at Vertical Descents in Scotland in 2009. He was very quickly guiding in the West Coast canyons along with white water rafting and running kayaking programmes. George was a participant in the first UKCG courses delivered by Rich Carlson and Ben Starkie. After leaving Vertical Descents he spent time working and travelling around the world as an expedition, canyoning and rafting guide. 

In 2010 George co-managed an adventure centre in Italy where he was involved in setting up the new canyoning activities for the centre. From here he knew he had a passion for canyoning and it was something he was very passionate about pursuing. After spending time guiding in Australia, New Zealand and Italy he went back to Scotland to manage Nae Limits Adventure, based in central Scotland. He spent 5 years here developing canyoning in the area and was actively involved in the UKCG where he became a trainer and began delivering courses and workshops. 

In 2014 George enrolled in a ICOpro (International Canyoning Organisation for Professionals) course in Bali, Indonesia. George then pursued the ICOpro training programme over many years and became one of 5 ICOpro Senior Trainers worldwide. He gained valuable experience canyoning and teaching in many countries such as New Zealand, Switzerland, France, Australia, Portugal, Montenegro, Africa, USA and Indonesia. 

Recently George and 4 other experienced trainers and guides from all over the world created V7 Academy. With his passion and experience for canyoning he is driven to continue the development of the canyoning community and industry in the UK.

What we can offer...

  • Provide technical advice and consultancy with all due care, skill and ability. Using the best knowledge to promote the interests, safety, best practice and development of your business in canyoning, gorge walking and cliff jumping activities. 
  • The nominated technical advisor will be responsible for professional quality, technical accuracy and timely completion of any work or reports set out and agreed with your company.
  • Provide recognised or ‘in house’ training courses for your staff and associate freelancer/contracted staff. These courses will be run under the recognised organisation UKCA (UK Canyoning Association) or ICOpro (International Canyoning Organisation for Professionals). 
  • Propose consultancy and advice on creating, building and updating standard operating procedures (SOPs) for canyoning, gorge walking and cliff jumping activities. 
  • Propose consultancy and advice on creating, building and updating risk assessments and risk management procedures for canyoning, gorge walking and cliff jumping activities. 
  • Outline and create training pathways for staff and freelancer/contractors.
  • Provide a process solution, inspection, storage management and advice on equipment. From routine visual inspection, operational inspection to annual inspection. 
  • Offer process for effective, efficient guiding solutions in the canyon or gorge environment. 
  • Offer solutions to equip venues to be commercially viable, safe and effective for guiding customers.
  • Provide a written report after an annual visit to your company outlining any issues or concerns with safety, training, risk assessment, equipment, operating procedures, venues, PPE and staff.

Need a Technical Advisor?

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