This workshop is designed to give you the skills to go canyoning independently. Learn how to create safe rope rigging solutions. Plan and prepare for your own trip, make safe and informed decisions, learn how to make jumps and slides safe, and manage a team through these features. Become proficient on ropes, learn how to ascend and covert on single ropes. Learn rescue skills, white water and incident management in a canyon environment and much more…

This course is affiliated and supported by V7 Academy Level 2 course. V7 Academy offers the latest & updated canyoning technical skills right on your screen with content developed and produced by leading professionals in the industry. Before the workshop you will receive access to 80+ video tutorials and eBooks filled with Canyoning training and technical knowledge. All of it under guidance of professional instructors from the V7 Team.

Once you have swotted up on V7 you’ll be ready to get out and hone your skills. Over four days you will descend 4+ canyons working on all the skills you will need to go canyoning independently in moderate-risk canyons. 

Day 1 – Rope progression and white water

Cliff and River – On the cliff learn how to move confidently on ropes. Learn how to ascend and convert from ascent to descent on a single rope. Lear safe and effective belaying techniques. Learn how to set up traverse lines and manage rope bags and rope in the canyon environment.

The second part of the day will be based at the river where you will learn how to swim in moving water, manage a team and equipment and learn basic canyoning white water safety.


Day 2/3 – Rigging

Canyon – Learn how to build releasable and retrievable abseils in the canyon. Learn the process of creating guided abseils. Set up and take down your own rigging. Understand obstacle analysis, rope abrasion techniques and basic rescue skills on the rope. We will look at bolts, temporary and human anchors. Learn how to manage pitch heads and a group in canyon environments.


Day 4 – Clinic Canyon

On the final day you will descend a canyon under the guidance of your instructors> put all the skills you have learned into practice.


WorkshopStart DateEnd DateTrainersAvailabilityCost
Canyon Leader29th April 20212nd May 2021Ben Case, George Yates3 spaces left£485
Canyon Leader21st June 202124th June 2021Ben Case, George Yates5 spaces left£485
Technical canyoning harness


Feel free to bring your own kit as its the equipment you are used to and its the best thing to learn on. If you don't have canyoning equipment, not a problem. Full canyoning kit can be hired for £10 per day. Our equipment is top quality and always in excellent condition, only CE PPE is used at The Canyoning Company. So be relaxed and enjoy your canyoning course with us.


What we provide:


Two-piece Vade Retro wetsuit is 5mm thick with sizes to fit everyone from kids to large adults. These wetsuits are canyoning specific, with Japanese Yammimoto neoprene, protection on the bum, elbows and knees. The canyoning wetsuits come with a hood and a zip down the front of the jacket. They are great for regulating heat, keeping warm in our ‘fresh’ Scottish canyons, easy to put on and take off and they look good too.


Yes canyoning shoes! We provide the etache canyon boot, we believe this is very important to have a safe and comfortable trip. The rocks in Scottish canyons can be slippery so good grip and ankle support is a must. We are currently the only canyoning provider in the UK providing shoes.


You will be issued with your own canyoning specific harness made by Adventure Verticale. Our harnesses come in a size to fit everyone. On your harness you will have two lanyards with locking carabiners. You will also receive a canyoning descender, for abseiling down ropes. We will provide you with a Petzl Pirana, but we will bring along a few other descenders for you to play with.


Full technical equipment for rope progression and rigging will be issued:

  • Hand ascender
  • Chest ascender 
  • Chest harness
  • Footloop
  • Master carabiner
  • Working carabiners 
  • Knife
  • Canyoning Quickdraw with a Figure 8
  • Sling
  • Progression Capture Pulley
  • Prusik
  • Whistle


A good helmet is very important whilst canyoning, that’s why we use the best ones for our customers. Lightweight and stylish we will provide you with top of the range mountaineering helmet, perfectly suited to canyoning.


Well you don’t want cold feet right? We make sure every part of you is kept warm, so 3mm neoprene socks are always issued on every canyoning trip.


For those of you who get cold hands, we have neoprene gloves available, in a variety of sizes.



It’s important to keep hydrated and energised as you certainly burn a few calories. We will provide you with water and snacks throughout the day, but you might want to bring extras.


Not everyone likes to take their car with them everywhere, if you wanna those people, not to worry. We can offer a Pick Up And Drop Off (On Request).


You will be joined by Ben or George, owners of The Canyoning Company, under their guidance you will learn how to be an active team member.

Canoning guide showing Pharaohs Canyon trip

George Yates

Co-Founder and Director of The Canyoning Company

Since a young age George has been involved in adventure sport spending most of his time outdoors in, on or around the water.

As a qualified kayak Coach, rafting Guide and Canyoning Instructor, George has travelled the world following his passion, developing his skills, gaining new experiences and making new friends.

Out of the many places he has travelled, Scotland has always drawn him back. George is at the forefront of the canyoning scene in the UK.

He is an ICOpro Senior Trainer and a V7 Academy mentor.

Ben Case

Co-Founder and Director of The Canyoning Company

Ben is an instructor in a range of outdoor activities, he has worked in the industry for 10 years.

His background is mainly mountain activities, but he can’t stay out of the water, the ideal combination for canyoning. He loves to immerse himself in culture by traveling the world.

In the past few years, Ben has been exploring the new river systems in Scotland and canyoning abroad in Italy, Switzerland, France, Greece, Madeira and Montenegro.

He is an ICOpro Instructor 2 and a V7 Academy mentor.


Over the four days we will be based in Perthshire with some of the best canyons in Scotland. We may also venture into some other East and West coast canyons depending on the weather conditions. We will explore some incredible canyons, cliffs and gorges with beautiful waterfalls only accessible by rope.  Along the way we will capture every moment with photos and video.


We work with lots of awesome providers around Perthshire and know some great places to stay. If you want to stay in Dunkeld, we’ll most likely join you for a beer in the evening. Contact us to find out more about accommodation.

After 4 days of immersing yourself in canyoning knowledge you will have become a confident leader of a canyoning team. 

It doesn’t stop there… Soon after you’ll be looking for your next canyoning in fix. Maybe you’ll just want to go canyoning or most likely you’ll want to learn more canyoning skills. Well, here is the next step... 


Introduction To Canyoning

INTRODUCTION TO CANYONING Perthshire, ScotlandThis two-day workshop is for anyone who would like to experience canyoning. Maybe you have been out on a guided trip, been out with friends or it’s your first time.  Learn the essential skills for canyoning over the duration of the course. Become confident as a member of a lead group…

Canyon Leader Training Course

CANYON LEADER TRAINING COURSEPerthshire, ScotlandThis 5-day course is designed to give you the skills to go canyoning independently. Learn how to create safe rope rigging solutions. Plan and prepare for your own trip, make safe and informed decisions, learn how to make jumps and slides safe, and manage a team through these features. Become proficient…

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or additional information about these workshops.



We are here to help make your outdoor adventure experience an amazing memory to enjoy so, please get in touch for all the information you need.

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