UK’s first International Training Course.

Do you want to become proficient and independent in canyoning?

Do you want to be certified worldwide?

Do you want to be confident to go canyoning with friends?

Do you want the skills to explore canyons around the world?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, we have the answer for you…. This year we are running the first International Canyoning Training Course (ICTC) in the UK. This course has been developed world wide by ICOpro and is now being delivered in Canyoning Training Centres around the world like ours.

The Canyoneer Level 1,2,3 is open to everyone, this intensive 11 day training course is designed so by the end of the ICTC you will be an autonomous canyoner. The course covers all the skills you need to undertake canyoning descents, not only here in the UK, but around the world. The Canyoner Level 1,2,3 is also the first step to becoming a professional canyoning instructor or trainer, opening the door to your international career.

So what makes this course different to any other course?

          • E-learning – 3 days of per learning hosted on an online platform. This learning will cover, many aspects of canyoning including; Introduction, knots, equipment, ICOpro, preparing a tour, psychology, physiology, weather, geology and hydrology.
          • 500 page canyoning manual – as part of the course you will receive a 500-page visual manual/workbook now in 4 different languages.
          • World class trainers – The ICOpro training team is made up of highly experienced canyoners, who have experienced everything you may want to know about canyoning.
          • 8 days of intensive training – this includes training days and clinic days with your trainer, reflection and constant feedback.
          • Rope Progression – Learn how to move confidently on ropes, on ascent and decent. Learn how to manage your ropes and overcome rigging and rope problems.
          • Become a member – of the fastest growing canyoning organisation in the world. Get access to advice, discounted equipment and much more.
          • Career pathway – ICOpro offers a clear, open pathway, not only to become a professional instructor, but a Canyoning Trainer or Photographer.
          • New School – ICOpro is at the forefront of developing new techniques and updating old ones. Your course will be delivered with the most up to date information and skills.

In April we are excited to be hosting Andrew Humphrys (Head Training Master) from Canyoning Colorado. Andrew has worked in the canyoning and adventure industry for over 10 years and had become a respected Canyoning Instructor and Trainer. He has had the pleasure of working as a canyoning instructor around the world in New Zealand, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Indonesia just to name a few. Andrew most recent adventure was as ‘team manager’ on the Taiwan Malishan canyoning expedition.

Dates are available for 2017 and 2018. These courses fill up fast, to find out more about the course feel free to get in touch.