Plan the best stag do

A quick guide... Stag Do planning

1. Choose a guest list

Being the Best Man is a fantastic privilege. It's very easy to think about all the people you could invite. But have some restraint. First off ask the STAG who he wants, does he want to spend a weekend with his future father-in-law? Remember large groups can be difficult to manage and sometimes become likey. We suggest the best group size is between 8-15 people. But ultimately it's up to you.

2. Communicate with group

Once the guests have been chosen, it’s down to you to get the ball rolling. Make the most of group chats on Facebook, e-mail and WhatsApp, so that you’re not swamped with phone calls and texts from individual group members. It's a great way to break the ice between group members who may not know each other, but also chat dates people can make, what to pack, food allergies etc.

3. Set a Budget

To ensure as many key players as possible are able to attend, be careful not to price anybody out. Remember you want people to come who will make the stag do fun, not just those who can afford it. Try to settle on a rough budget per head, and stick to it. On the stag itself, it’s also a good idea to create a kitty, so no one is buying crazy rounds.  
stag budget

4. Choose your Itinerary

Our stag Itineraries are full of adventure in. Choose from our tailored packages or create your own unique experience. We will provide you with the next level of service when you book your stag do with us. At the Canyoning Company, we pride ourselves in offering the best, high quality, and unique stag weekends to suit you. We will be with you every step of the way, to make your job as the group organiser hassle free.

5. Set a date

It is always difficult to get a date to suit everyone, but consider a few things. It should be at least a couple of weeks before the wedding, in order to let hangovers disperse. You should also consider the time of year. Stag dos are very popular April to August - as most weddings are in the late summer. This can often be very busy for accommodation and activity providers, so the quicker you can get a date set the better.
set a date

6. Collect the money

This can often be the hardest part of the organising. Members of the group may be happy to sign up to the stag weekend, but when it comes to collecting the deposit, you may often find some people go quiet. This is NORMAL, but to make it even easier we only require a 20% deposit to book. Plus the STAG can go FREE. Now that makes it as easy as possible for you....

7. Plan some drinking games

Have a few stag do drinking games up your sleeve – it’ll break the ice between group members once you get there and get that booze flowing. Dare cards, beer pong and fuzzy duck are stag do standards. For those groups that may not be big drinkers, there are some really fun spontaneous games you can play such as "protect the president" or "hunt the stag".
stag drinking games

8. Make a checklist

Just as important as the itinerary, make sure you have a simple checklist of everything you need to pack for your weekend. For instance, if you’re going to fly make sure you include passports or ID  . Or any extra equipment for activities, like swimwear. The good thing about making a list like this is that you can use it as a checklist when you’re packing up to come home, making sure you don’t leave anything in the bunkhouse.

9. Prep for the morning after

Don’t just spend the morning after wallowing in self-pity, trying to piece together events of the night before. Organise a greasy fry up and an adrenaline-pumping activity like CANYONING, to blow away those cobwebs from the night before. If your staying self catered, make sure you've got enough food and coffee to fill everyone up before your activity. The lads will seriously thank you.  

10. Prepared to take control

A best man needs to be able to switch into army officer mode at any time. You need to problem solve on your feet. Do your research and always have a back-up list of venues and ideas up your sleeve. Most stag party participants are happy to go along with the best man’s plans. The trouble starts when he doesn’t have any… But don't worry if you book your weekend with The Canyoning Company we ALWAYS have back up plans.
take control

To book your UNIQUE, PERSONAL and awesome Stag weekend with us or to find out more about what we can offer you. Please contact us directly

To book your UNIQUE, PERSONAL and awesome Stag weekend with us or to find out more about what we can offer you. Please contact us directly.


Canyoning is a perfect mix of different outdoor activities. But although canyoning uses a mixture of skills it has its own specific way to do things. It involves rock climbing skills, as there is often abseiling and rappelling. Swimming is an important part as most canyons have water in them.

Canyoneering is an adventure activity. It combines rock and water activities into a sport full of adrenaline and natural beauty. When you go canyoning you will be trekking through river gorges. You will also explore around rock pools and behind waterfalls. You will find yourself abseiling down waterfalls as well as tackling cliff jumps into stunning water rock pools.


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