1. Canyoning

  2. Stand Up Paddle boarding

  3. Climbing and abseiling

  4. Mountain Biking

  5. Cliff jumping


Perthshire’s stunning hills and rivers lend themselves perfectly to the great outdoors. There are a whole range of different outdoor activities to suit all needs and abilities. Here are our top five best outdoor activities.



In our eyes, the best outdoor activity! Using various skills and techniques, you will be Jumping, Sliding, Abseiling, and Swimming your way through the Canyon environment. Perthshire has some of the best canyons the UK has tooffer. The Falls of Bruar is the most well know canyon, it has a more challenging upper section and an easier lower section with something for everyone. If you don’t fancy Bruar canyon there are plenty more including Acharn canyon, Tummel canyon and Calvine gorge. Canyoning is an unforgettable experience leaving you wanting more and more!


Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle boarding is the world’s fastest growing water sport, it’s fun to do, easy to pick up and can be done almost anywhere there is water. There are so many great locations around Perthshire try this awesome activity. All equipment required such as Wetsuits and Buoyancy Aids are provided. For more information click here.

Rock Climbing / Abseiling

Dunkeld just 15mins north of Perth is one of our favorite locations. It is easily accessible from Edinburgh and Glasgow (under 1.5hrs drive). The crags (rock faces) are a just a few kilometres of the town itself. The climbs range from small to big and easy to hard. After climbing, if you like touristy things, the town is well worth a visit with lots of nice shops, riverside walks and great hospitality. For more information click here.

Mountain Biking

In the last 5 Years, there has been a mountain biking boom in Perthshire. Dunkeld has some of the best riding in the area, from easy rides along by the river to half day or full day rides into the hills with a range of trails graded Red or Black. For more information, check out Progression Bikes.

Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping in the Perthshire. Everyone is capable of cliff jumping, all you need is a good head for heights. It’s a great activity for groups with jumps ranging from 2-10 meters. All you need to bring is a swimsuit, towel and a sense of adventure. We offer free photos but you can also bring personal waterproof cameras if you want. For more information click here.

Tailored for you!

Let us organise your very own adventure. Immerse yourself in Scottish culture; sample the finest ales and whiskies in the best pubs and inns; eat the freshest produce and experience the warmest hospitality you can find. And, of course enjoy all the best outdoor activities Perthshire has to offer. Do you fancy an adventure of a lifetime? Contact us for more details