Highest possible standards.

When you book your canyoning adventure with The Canyoning Company you can be assured you will receive the highest quality experience. From start to finish we are totally customer centred, this means we will meet your needs every step of the way.

We are the only canyoning centre in the UK to be affiliated with ICOpro, International Canyoning Organisation for Professionals. So, what does this mean? ICOpro is a worldwide organisation set up to develop, offer training courses, and provide standards for professional canyoning centres and Instructors. For The Canyoning Company to become the UKs first and only affiliated Canyoners Training Centre we have to meet certain criteria and standards, but most importantly uphold them. These are:

· Expertly Qualified Instructors – All our Instructors are qualified under the UK Canyoning Association or ICOpro training scheme. This takes years to achieve and only a handful of Instructors are qualified here in the UK. They are international professional instructors, with a passion for sharing their passion with you.

· Quality Equipment – At The Canyoning Company we provide every customer with the best canyoning equipment on the market. Our customers wear the same equipment as the Instructors. This keeps your warm, comfortable and safe. We also provide canyoning shoes for every customer. ICOpro constantly monitors our specialist safety equipment. So you can be assured all our equipment is safety monitored.

· Get Certified – On every canyoning trip with The Canyoning Company you will become a member of ICOpro, you will get certified as a CAI (Canyoner Initiation) you will receive a card and a manual, outlining all the skills and techniques you have learned.

· Feedback – Everyone one who comes out on our canyoning adventures gets the opportunity to give feedback to ICOpro about their experience and our standards. We are constantly monitored.

· Canyons – Our canyons must be bolted and fixed to the highest safety standards. This again is monitored by ICOpro. Our canyons are chosen for their fun and exciting nature. You can be assured every canyoning trip we offer is awesome.

· We Teach - On every trip we teach, you will learn skills taught by our professional instructors, who are trained in coaching techniques. So you can learn at your own pace.

We have a easy to use online booking system which allows you to book your next canyoning adventure with no hassle.

‘Certificate of Excellence’

We are very proud to have achieved a Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor this year. It means so much to us, but more importantly it shows you we really do provide the highest possible standards. Read our most recent review:

“If I could give more than 5 stars I would! What a brilliant day canyoning in Alva and Dollar canyons. I am very glad that I chose The Canyoning Company. Having worked with many outdoor education/abseiling instructors on school camps over the years, and other Canyoning specific instructors, I would have to say that George and Ben are the most awesome instructors I have ever trusted. Very professional. It was true instruction rather than them doing everything for you. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! If I had more time in the UK, I would have signed up for another canyon trip immediately. I have, instead, settled on goal to join them on a week's trip sometime in the future!!! Thanx guys, it was a great day and I feel like we became mates! FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!” – Jacqui Klowss (Australia)